Victor Cumming – Vernon, BC Mayoral Candidate


Through Leadership & Action

Great things are happening in Vernon – let’s continue to strengthen and build our community through experienced leadership, providing proactive planning and action.


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Successes – Last 4 Years

Vernon — despite pandemics and skilled labour shortages has had a strong showing in the last 4 years, gaining substantial ground in housing, public safety, economic growth, parks and trails development and focused climate actions plus many more...

Attainable Housing

Whether you work as a health-care practitioner, metal worker, retail, mechanic or professional — our community should offer a housing market to reflect your needs.

Public Safety

Our citizens should be able to walk downtown and ride public transportation — safety is an important issue the City can more proactively address.

Economic Development

Vernon has so many geographic advantages that employees and employers seek — City leadership must foster an environment for sustainable business and economic growth.

Recreation and Parks

Everyone — no matter their income level or location in the City, from tiny tots to seniors — must have easy access to recreation facilities and parks to enhance their quality of life.

Climate Action

The City must quickly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and make significant adjustments to infrastructure and built structures to make them more resilient to extreme weather conditions.