Victor Cumming – Vernon, BC Mayoral Candidate



Accomplishments 2018-2022 – Highlights under my leadership


Attainable Housing

For those with the lowest income, systematic relationship building with BC Housing (who has the mandate and resources), careful funding proposals prepared by Vernon’s strong not for profit housing sector, combined with focused lobbying of the Province has created a number of successes including:

  • 52 supportive housing units opened in 2019 – My Place – BC Housing, operated by Turning Points Collaborative (TPC)
  • 46 beds (shelter) opened in 2019 – Our Place – BC Housing, operated by TPC
  • 52 supportive housing units to be opened in fall 2022 – the Crossings – operated by TPC
  • 38 apartments opened in 2020 – Thunderbird Manor – Vernon Native Housing
  • 29 Units repurposed in 2022 – Polson Park Motel – BC Housing, operated by TPC
  • 12 townhouses to be opened in 2022 – PV Road – Okanagan Village Society
  • 29 Units just opened in 2022 – Albert House – CMHA of Vernon & District
  • 36 Apartments to be opened in 2023 – Vernon Pensioners Society
  • 38 apartments to be opened in 2023 – Thunderbird Manor II – Vernon Native Housing
  • 13 units to be opened in 2023 – Okanagan Landing Road – Okanagan Village Society

This has been an outstanding success built on financial contributions from BC Housing, the City of Vernon, and capable housing societies in Vernon. The City has played a critical role in relationship building, funding the coordination of the societies, paying the development cost charges, streamlining the applications, lobbying BC Housing, lobbying the appropriate BC ministries and at times providing the land on long term leases at $1/yr.

The totals in the table SFD and MF (great flow to MF price and size need) remained strong even during the COVID 19 pandemic – still strong in 2022.

Housing Starts and Value








Year Total

Year Total Value



$    54,906,253 


$    77,543,924 



    $     132,450,177 



$    44,122,309 


$    53,486,780 



$       97,609,089 



$    43,418,664 


$    40,452,995 



$       83,871,659 



$    73,079,297 


$    73,773,063 



$     146,852,360 

2022 YTD


$    56,767,153 


$    52,600,364 



$     109,367,517 


Public Safety

  • Dramatic reduction in calls for Bylaw services in the downtown core with bylaw enforcement files declining from 1494 in 2018 to 634 in 2021. This is the result of a systematic focus on housing with wrap around support services for those experiencing homelessness and increasing RCMP and Bylaw officers’ patrols. The opening of 52 more supportive housing units this fall will continue to provide services that prevent negative activity before it starts.
  • Negotiated a long-term agreement on cost sharing of support staff with Coldstream, freeing up tax dollars for Vernon activities and adding 3 new RCMP  support staff. This enables police members to do more policing and less related paper work.
  • RCMP created a downtown unit, adding significant presence in the downtown, including proactive enforcement and foot patrols.
  • Added 2 full time Bylaw officers to focus on downtown and public parks from 7am – 11 pm on a 12 month basis.
  • Added contracted private security for night time hours in an observe and report function.
  • Added 2 professional firefighters enabling increased staffing deployment to Station 2 Okanagan Landing moving to full time and Station 3 Predator Ridge on a part time basis during the wildfire season.
  • Replaced aging fire equipment and added a wildfire truck and associated fully equipped trailer.

Economic Development

  • New commercial and industrial building permits and dollars were invested, with a record high in 2021.
  • Two new publicly supported childcare facilities with 200+ spaces available, based on $7 million in grants from the Province and the City providing the land for both of them.
  • Visitor stays have increased considerably in 2021 exceeding the 5 year running average and holding strong in 2022 from January to May which is the last month that data is available.
  • Accommodation options have increased with the addition of another mid to upper market hotel that opened in June 2022
  • Tourism marketing activities continue to grow based on growth in the local hotel tax collected.
  • Okanagan College’s Aircraft maintenance diploma program expanded (Vernon Airport)
  • Expansion of airport lands to enable increased ground-based airport activity
  • Large new light industry development with Phase 2 under construction on Silver Star Rd. and progress on other new development.
  • Significant expansion of Predator Ridge Resort
  • New restaurants opened in 2021 and another is under construction with opening expected in 2022
  • Launching the immigrant skilled worker program and successfully recruiting 120+ skilled workers and their families.

Recreation and Parks

  • Purchased the Grey Canal Trail connection from Turtle Mt. to Pinto Dr. along the Bella Vista area
  • Purchased the new park land at Tassie Creek, near Davison Rd.
  • Purchased the expansion to Girouard Park on 20 th Street
  • Purchased the last 1 km of Rail Trail to Mile 0
  • Constructed the Lakeshore Park at Okanagan Lake on Lakeshore Road.
  • Formalizing of the Beachcomber Road lake access, plus upgraded the Tronson Road boat launch area
  • Trail upgraded from Tronson Road to Okanagan Lake adjacent to Canadian Lakeview Estates
  • Senior government grant for the Lakeview Pool re-construction ($1.9 million)
  • Constructed the fenced in off-leash dog area at Marshall Fields
  • Supported the construction of the outdoor and now indoor Pickleball facility
  • New lights for the horseshoe pitch at Alexis Park
  • Constructed the washrooms at Kickwillie Loop on the Rail Trail (GVAC)
  • Renovated the washrooms at DND grounds
  • Constructed the Jump Start Playground at Marshall Fields and washrooms upgraded with a substantial contribution from Jump Start (Canadian Tire).
  • Constructed the Civic Memorial Park
  • Purchased the carpet for Kal Tire North Arena expanding use options without ice removal.
  • Concept designed for Kin Race Track Athletic Park
  • Natural Spaces and Trails Plan completed by Greater Vernon Advisory Committee


Climate Action

Substantial community involvement in developing the climate action plan and implementing early adaptation and mitigation projects


  • BX Creek sediment pond now under construction
  • Flood mitigation strategy and Bylaws


  • Electric vehicles including the new electric service van
  • New boiler installed for the City Buildings complex (City Hall, RCMP, Fire hall #1, CIDS, Museum)
  • Household organics diversion program (14,000 households)
  • Upgrading of the pool heating system, lowering natural gas usage
  • “Cool Ice” system for our arenas lowering natural gas usage
  • Electric bikes for planning and engineering staff eliminating one vehicle in the fleet
  • Electric kick scooters piloted with 180,000 uses in just over a year